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1133 Broadway, Suite 916
New York, NY 10010
United States

(646) 884-3851

Reiki Vitae is an exclusive place in New York City where you can rejuvenate & regenerate your entire being. Through a customized treatment program, Reiki Vitae provides each of its clients the opportunity to experience their own personal healing journey.



The NYC-based Reiki Master has studied healing all of his life. In addition to Reiki, he is skilled in Tibetan naturopathy, cranio-sacral therapy, and Rejuvenate & Regenerate, his personal method. He is a member of the Healing Touch Professional Association. 

He holds a Master’s degree in Art History from the Padova University in Italy. Throughout the course of his art history studies Gianantonio understood the importance of the beauty in life and found it to be an enlightened source for his mind. From this learning experience he is able to bring the power of beauty into the mind/body of his clients through his specially developed Rejuvenate & Regenerate method of healing. 

Modern Guru


In an ideal world, your Reiki practitioner embodies a reassuring spirit—and is astonishingly present to your energy, your potential, and your current state of being. After all, he is reuniting you with deep reserves of internal wisdom, balance, and serenity—so it helps if he too is a beacon of calm and awareness.

Gianantonio Corna is these things and more. The Italian-born Reiki Master inherits a tradition of natural healing. Following in his healer father’s footsteps, he has studied Tibetan naturopathy, cranio-sacral therapy, and other modalities. In 2010, as a Reiki Master, he decided to take his gifts to the U.S. He has since developed the ancient modality even further, to create Rejuvenate & Regenerate™, his personal Reiki method.

Mindfulness training is Gianantonio’s calling. With an M.A. in Art History from Italy’s Padova University, Gianantonio has always understood the capability of beauty to enlighten and to elevate. Through this experience, he developed Rejuvenate & Regenerate™. 

Gianantonio is a member of the Healing Touch Professional Association. 

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Gianantonio Corna  |  Modern Guru

Gianantonio Corna  |  Modern Guru


So I headed to Reiki Vitae to meet with Gianantonio Corna, a Reiki master who is surprisingly youthful for someone who’s been practicing for 14 years. When Corna greeted me at the door dressed in white linen, his calming energy was immediately palpable. He spoke to me with a gentle voice and hands full of motion, illuminating his Italian heritage and the power he has at his fingertips. Growing up in Italy, Corna’s father had the healing touch, and at the age of eight it was obvious he had inherited his gift. He calls his practice ‘a reboot for your being’.
— Elle Magazine | July 1, 2014