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1133 Broadway, Suite 916
New York, NY 10010
United States

(646) 884-3851

Reiki Vitae is an exclusive place in New York City where you can rejuvenate & regenerate your entire being. Through a customized treatment program, Reiki Vitae provides each of its clients the opportunity to experience their own personal healing journey.



Our Reiki hands are warm, every if they are cool to the touch. You might feel them vibrate, even when they are still. They are channeling a universal life force: one that’s as mysterious as it is invisible.

But if you’re like most people, you don’t need any assurance that Reiki—as dispensed by a true Reiki Master—is real. You feel it instantly: in the clarity of your breath, the weight of your relaxation, perhaps even the velvety nature of your sleep—for days or weeks. You feel it in your jaunty mood, your laser-sharp focus, and your sudden sense that all is truly well with your life.


Can Your Session Cure Me?

Reiki isn’t medicine—and it doesn’t treat specific symptoms or disease. But it is a stream of intelligent energy. As such, it heads right where you need it most.

Reiki has eliminated insomnia, bodily aches and pains, and migraine and tension headaches. It has reduced anxiety, panic attacks, and digestive issues (including iIrritable Bowel Syndrome). It has cured food disorders, heartache, depression, and confusion. And there are no harmful side effects whatsoever.

Because Reiki produces renewal and well-being, it can also result in healthier choices, including healthy eating, exercise, and the release of negative emotions such as anger and sadness.

How Does it Work?

When we begin treating you, healing energy flows into your body. Then, it begins to expand, filling your body like a balloon, or a glass of water. 

Your nerves take a rest. Your muscles let go. Your fascia (the tissue holding your muscles in place) relaxes, too. Your body shifts and “opens”—making more room for your organs, and easing your vital functions in a way that’s often palpable.

This happens in your cellular memory, so the effects last for days—even weeks.


What are the Typical Results?

After the first session, you might anticipate being relaxed for the first time in months. Perhaps you feel your muscles releasing, so that you’re stuck to the massage table by the simple force of gravity. Perhaps the air tastes sweet (a lovely sensation). Perhaps you notice you’re breathing deeper. 

After the second session, you might find you are falling asleep quicker—and sleeping more soundly. You might notice that you’re letting little things go—and no longer obsessing over them. You might notice a new clarity at work. Lovely!!

After the third session, you might marvel at your newfound acceptance of nature. You might surprise yourself by smiling a lot. You might feel simply centered—not just in your body, but in your soul.

Your personal results are for you to discover. We’re excited to hear about them, and we can’t wait to meet you!

Can I solve all my issues in one session?

We recommend starting with our first session, but follow it with a series of sessions based on Gianantonio's feedback, and we offer packages for as many as 50 sessions. 

Why? Well, you don’t expect to walk into a gym, work out once, and walk out with a great body. 

Yes, the effects of our treatments can be palpable and immediate. Depending on who you are and where you are in life, just one session might deliver deep rest, a sense of serenity, energy where and when you least expect it.

But to make a true change at the lasting cellular level, we need to see more of you. 


And believe it or not - I really did feel a difference. After a good week of living this way, I actually went back and did another session, and since then the turnaround in my attitude and ailments keeps getting better - to the point where I’ve nearly forgotten what hurt at all.
— Blackbook Magazine | June 7, 2013